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Isabel Marant, this big trendsetter in couture managed to create beautiful and adorable pieces with a pragmatic approach, choosing a minimalist and bohemian line.

Isabel Marant is a French fashion house founded in 1994 by designer Isabel Marant. As a matter of fact, the brand was launched initially in 1990 under the name "Twen," rebranding to Isabel Marant in 1994. Originally, the brand started with a line of jerseys and knitwear, but today Isabel Marant is mostly popular for her shoes. In fact, her greatest piece are the Bobby sneakers with a hidden wedge heel as well as her fringe boots and lace mini dresses.

In 2000, Marant added "Etoile," to her famous brand which is set to be more affordable and casual. She always created in such manner that women felt good without trying too hard and feminine but not very sexy.

Isabel Marant agreed to design collections for the giant  H&M. About this, Marant said, "The nice thing with H&M is they don't want to try to do a cheap version of your own collection… They really respect the DNA of designers.”

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