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     1.1 Description
     1.2 Creating Product Information
     1.3 Sellers’ obligations regarding the Products offered for sale
     2.1  Approval, Prices and Commission
     2.2  Product Information change
     3.1 Sale process and delivery
     3.2 Intermediation
     3.3 Payments to the Seller

The definitions of the terms used in this document and the Registration procedure are provided in the General Terms, that this document is part of and which all Sellers are invited to read carefully before visiting or using the Site.

1 Product Information

1.1 Description

Any User who wants to sell Products through the Site must provide Product Information in English for each Product for sale and must describe in detail the Product’s various features and its Price by filling in the form available at www.trendyfair.com/account/item/add.
The Product’s features mentioned in the Product Information, including the Product’s condition, must match the features as declared by the Seller before the final check by trendyfair.com.
Products offered for sale shall be available for Buyers to order for as long as the Product Information remains published on the Site.  A listed Product can therefore be temporarily or permanently removed from the Site at any point prior to the Product being ordered, by withdrawing the Product Information.
Trendyfair.com reserves the right to remove the Product Information for Products that have not been ordered within three (3) months of first being posted online.  In addition, trendyfair.com will automatically remove Product Information relating to Products that have not been ordered within six (6) months of first being posted online and will accept to reintegrate such Product Information only if the Seller agrees to reduce the price of the Product.

1.2 Creating Product Information

In order for Users to submit a first Product for publication on the Site, they must have an Account on the Site for easy contact with trendyfair.com.
Sellers must first create the Product Information, by clicking in the main menu on the “SELL WITH US” button.  The button is at the top left corner of the Site.
Seller must enter a description of his/her Product in the form made available on the Site.  To this end, Sellers may use trendyfair.com’s stored information and databases so that they can index the Product precisely (by product type, brand, etc.).  If the Product’s exact details do not appear in the stored information, the Seller should carefully follow all of the necessary steps to accurately index the Product and create the Product Information by indicating, among other things, the Product’s name, features and condition of use.
Sellers shall precisely identify the brand and model of the Product they offer for sale through the Site.
In the same form, Sellers should then indicate the sum they would like to receive if the Product is sold.  This proposed Seller’s price must be approved by trendyfair.com.  The final price agreed by the Seller and trendyfair.com to be received by the Seller shall be referred to as the Seller’s Price.  Sellers must also upload between one (1) (minimum) and five (5) (maximum) photos of the Product which will be displayed in the Product Information.
Trendyfair.com will not create the Product Information if no photo is provided.
Users guarantee to provide to trendyfair.com for posting only true, accurate and unmodified photos of the Product and guarantee that they own all the rights relating to them.  For information regarding the quality and features of the photos and other materials to be uploaded by the Sellers please check this link: www.trendyfair.com/account/item/add.
Please note that Sellers must accept the General Terms (including this document) in order to validate the creation of the Product Information.
After the Seller’s confirmation of the summary of their proposed Product Information and acceptance of the General Terms, the information is submitted to trendyfair.com’s appropriate department in order to be validated.  If validate, Product Information is uploaded on the Site by trendyfair.com.

1.3 Sellers’ obligations regarding the Products offered for sale

Users agree to sell only Products of which they are the sole owners or, in the case of second hand goods dealers/shops, on behalf of persons who are the sole owners of the Products.  Users must ensure that they are not infringing any applicable laws and regulations or third-party rights in any way whatsoever by submitting Product Information to trendyfair.com or offering a Product for sale via the Site.  Users guarantee (i) that the origin, condition and specification of the Products they offer on the Site are as described in the Product Information; and (ii) that the Products offered for sale are not counterfeit.
Upon the first request from trendyfair.com, Users must provide trendyfair.com with all such documents as may prove their ownership and/or the origin of the Products they offer for sale.
In addition, the Seller undertakes to dispatch the Product accompanied by an Affidavit Form (please see below) made available to the Seller by trendyfair.com by means of e-mail.  The Affidavit form shall be fully and correctly filled in, dated and signed by the Seller in order to be valid.  In case the Affidavit Form is not filled in according to the instructions mentioned above or the Seller fails to dispatch the Affidavit Form in original together with the Product, trendyfair.com reserves its right to take all the actions that it considers necessary in order to remedy the situation, including but not limited to cancelation of the order and returning of the Product to the Seller at the Seller’s expense.
Consent form
Product description:
Assigned price:
Addressee: Londra Street, no. 37, Bucharest, Romania, zip code _____
I, the undersigned, _______________________, hereby affirm and declare that I assign FABRICA DE STIL S.R.L., Bucharest, 40-42 Washington Street, Washington Residence Residential Complex, House A, 2nd Floor, Apartment 6, Sector 1, to trade the mentioned product on my behalf, following the agreed terms and conditions.
Furthermore, I hereby declare on my own liability and I confirm that the traded product is authentic and it is my legal property, therefore I own the right to trade it.
For by, I fully declare that, under no circumstance, do I violate a certain right of a third party, by merchandising this product on www.trendyfair.com.
In addition, FABRICA DE STIL S.R.L. will not be held responsible for infringement on my account.
Date                                                                                   Signature
___________________                                     ___________________
For further assistance please contact support@trendyfair.com or the chat system located online to www.trendyfair.com.

Trendyfair.com reserves the right to remove a User’s Profile Information and/or Product Information if for any Products a User has not provided valid proof of their ownership and/or the origin of the Products offered to trendyfair.com.  Users shall have no right to claim compensation for any information removed by trendyfair.com for the above mentioned reasons.
Users shall be held solely liable if they offer for sale via the Site any Product that infringes or otherwise breaches applicable laws or regulations or third-party rights.  If the display of any such Products on the Site comes to trendyfair.com’s knowledge, trendyfair.com shall remove the relevant Product Information and/or User’s Profile Information, without the User having the right to claim any compensation on this basis.

2 Approval and Posting of Product Information

2.1 Approval, Prices and Commission

To ensure the consistency of the Products offered for sale on the Site, trendyfair.com reserves the right to accept or refuse a Seller’s Product Information before it is posted on the Site.  If the Product Information is accepted, trendyfair.com shall send the User an e-mail regarding the Price and indicating the amount of the Commission that trendyfair.com will include in the Price if the Seller agrees to list the Product for sale on the Site.
The Services offered by trendyfair.com are remunerated by way of a Commission that trendyfair.com deducts from the Price of the Product paid by the Buyer.
Trendyfair.com calculates the Commission according to a fixed commission scale, subject to sales carried out by Sellers and in cases where items are put on sale again and where the principle of fixed commission described below does not apply.
The Commission received by trendyfair.com shall be calculated in accordance with the following scale:
  • 15 euro (tax included) for each item for which the Seller’s Price is maximum 50 euro;
  • 35% (tax included) for each item between 51 euro and 100 euro;
  • 30% (tax included) for each item between 101 euro and 500 euro;
  • 25% (tax included) for each item between 501 euro and 1,500 euro;
  • 20% (tax included) for each item between 1,501 euro and 3,000 euro;
  • 15% of (tax included) for each item from 3,001 euro and higher.
Trendyfair.com reserves the right to modify the Commission scale at any time.  The scale applied shall be the scale displayed on the Site on the date on which a Product is offered for sale.
Trendyfair.com will only be entitled to the Commission once the Product has been sold.
Trendyfair.com may suggest increasing or reducing the Seller’s Price in order to make its Price consistent with those of other Products offered on the Site and with market expectations generally.  Sellers therefore agree to discuss the amount of the Seller’s Price in good faith with trendyfair.com.  In the event a Seller is unable to agree the Seller’s Price with trendyfair.com, the Product shall not be listed for sale on the Site.
Before a Product is offered for sale on the Site, the Seller shall be required to confirm that he/she agrees to the Seller’s Price and to the level of trendyfair.com’s Commission.
Unless agreed otherwise, no price supplements shall be charged by the Seller to the Buyer for the packaging of a Product.
Trendyfair.com shall use reasonable efforts to validate and post the Product Information online within a reasonable timeframe.  When an agreement is reached between trendyfair.com and the Seller, an e-mail shall be sent to the Seller to confirm his/her agreement to the Seller’s Price, and then the Product Information shall be posted online.

2.2 Product Information change

Sellers may request to modify their Product Information by adding comments in the section reserved for this purpose.  Users may also upload up to two (2) additional photos of each Product listed following the publication of the Product Information on the Site.
All modifications and additional images shall be subject to approval by trendyfair.com before being posted online on the Site.
However, Sellers will not be able to modify the Product Information for a Transaction that is in progress (i.e., after a Buyer has placed their Order for that Product) and any Price modifications shall not be effective until accepted by the Seller.
The Seller will have the opportunity to reduce the Price of each Product once that Product is offered for sale on the Site by using the tool available in “My Account/My Items/Reduce the Price of my Product”.
The Seller may reduce the public sale Price by maximum 10% on each occasion and only if approved by trendyfair.com.
The Seller shall enter the new public sale Price for the Product in the section reserved for such purpose.  By clicking on “Validate”, the Seller will be offered a new “Seller’s Pricei.e., the amount that the Seller wishes to receive from the public sale Price after trendyfair.com has deducted its Commission.  The Seller will then be free to accept the revised “Seller’s Price” by clicking on “ACCEPT”.  If the Seller accepts it, the existing Price on the Product Information page will be automatically modified after which the Seller will not be able to increase the Price.  Following the Seller’s acceptance of the new Price, an e-mail will be sent to the Seller summarizing the information and confirming the new Product Price.
When a Seller reduces a Price, trendyfair.com’s Commission shall also be adjusted accordingly pursuant to the scale indicated above.
Please note that, in case the reduction of the Price occurs after the date when the Product has reached trendyfair.com, trendyfair.com will not readjust its Commission in which case the Seller’s Price shall be adjusted accordingly to meet the public sale Price requested.
Products with reduced Prices will appear in a specific category called “Reduced Products” on the Site.  The former Price will appear crossed out in the Product Information.
Throughout the sale process, the Seller’s price, the public sale Price and the related Commission will be fully disclosed to the Seller. Before a Product is offered for sale or its Price is reduced thereafter, the Seller will be required to confirm, on each occasion, their agreement to the “Seller’s price” and trendyfair.com’s Commission.

3 Product Sales and Payments to Sellers

3.1 Sale process and delivery

A Seller whose Product is ordered by a Buyer shall receive an Order notification by e-mail informing the Seller that the Product must be sent to trendyfair.com for quality checks in order to protect Buyers from any non-conformity of the Product with the description made by the Seller.  The transportation costs shall be borne by trendyfair.com.  The Seller shall receive a DHL code to that purpose, as per the instructions contained in the Order notification.  Sellers bear all the risks of their Product until it reaches trendyfair.com’s headquarters.  Sellers should obtain proof of postage for each parcel that they send to trendyfair.com.
The Seller should endeavour to dispatch the Product by DHL, as instructed by trendyfair.com in advance, within two (2) working days following confirmation of sale and in any event, should dispatch the Product no later than six (6) working days following the date of the Order notification.  No other objects than the Product, any accompanying accessories which are to be sold with it and the Affidavit Form mentioned in section 1.3 should be posted.
Trendyfair.com shall not be liable to the Seller for any damage to or loss of Products being delivered to trendyfair.com.
Trendyfair.com shall only be liable for up to the fair market value of any loss or damage of Products from the moment it takes possession of the dispatched Products.  If a Product is lost or damaged by the carrier to which the Product was consigned by the Seller for shipment to trendyfair.com, the Seller’s compensation will depend on the compensation proposed by their chosen carrier.
To guarantee the best insurance coverage for the Products during their shipment to trendyfair.com, Sellers may, at their option and cost, take out their own insurance covering loss or damage of the Product during shipment to trendyfair.com.
If trendyfair.com does not receive the Product within fifteen (15) calendar days following confirmation of the Product’s sale, trendyfair.com reserves the right to stop acting as an agent of the Seller and thus cancel the sale of the Product in question and shall inform the Buyer and the Seller accordingly.
The Seller promises to dispatch only thoroughly clean Products to trendyfair.com.  Otherwise, trendyfair.com may charge the Seller for the reasonable costs of cleaning and/or ironing the Products and may deduct such costs from any sums due to the Seller by trendyfair.com.  In order to prevent complaints, the Seller shall take particular care when packaging the Products to be sent (for example, by using reinforced envelopes with bubble wrap and reinforced parcel seals).  If the Seller sends more than one (1) Product to trendyfair.com at the same time, it shall endeavour to dispatch all the Products in one parcel.  The Seller should keep proof of postage of any parcels he/she sends.
In order to obtain the payment, Sellers must provide their bank details so that trendyfair.com can make an electronic transfer into the Seller’s bank or PayPal account.  In order to do this, after logging into their account, the Seller must click on “My Account” in the top right corner of the page and then on the “My Bank Account” section.

3.2 Intermediation

In relation to the intermediation services provided by trendyfair.com, the Seller agrees to appoint trendyfair.com as an agent to do the following:
  1. to accept the Buyer’s offer of sale on behalf of the Seller as soon as the Seller and trendyfair.com agree on the Seller’s price;
  2. to receive, on Seller’s behalf, the amounts paid by the Buyer in connection with the sale; and
  3. to receive and then transfer the Seller’s price to the Seller, after deducting the Commission and any other applicable deductions for outstanding sums as mutually agreed in advance.
3.3 Payments to the Seller

As soon as the Product is received by the Buyer, trendyfair.com shall pay the Seller’s Price to the Seller in the amount and by the means as previously agreed by the two via email exchange.  However, if, after the Product has been shipped to the Buyer, the Product turns out to be counterfeit, banned from sale, in breach of the Seller’s obligations (e.g. it does not conform to the Product Information), then the Seller shall refund the amounts he/she has received from trendyfair.com in connection with the sale (and pay for the reimbursement of any Shipping Costs to the Buyer, if due), upon trendyfair.com’s first request.
If the Seller does not refund the amounts he/she has received from trendyfair.com in connection with the Transaction and/or does not pay for the reimbursement of any Shipping Costs to the Buyer, if any, upon trendyfair.com’s first request, then trendyfair.com may decide to suspend or terminate such Seller’s Account or access to the Services until such amounts are refunded/covered; provided that trendyfair.com may, in its sole exclusive discretion, permanently terminate such Seller’s Account or access to the Services without possibility of reinstatement.  If trendyfair.com has not paid the Seller any amount in connection with the Transaction, the Seller shall not be entitled to any such payment following a validly returned Product by a Buyer.
If a User wishes to be paid by wire transfer, wire transfers are made to the bank account designated by the Seller depending on the date of dispatch of the Product to the Buyer.  Should the Buyer issue a claim or complaint pursuant to Section 7 “Cancellation/complaints/returns/refunds” of trendyfair.com’s “How to Buy Products” document, trendyfair.com reserves the right not to make any wire transfer to the Seller as long as said claim and/or complaint has not been settled.
Please note that transfer payments shall not be credited to the Seller’s bank or PayPal account immediately.  However, any payments into a Seller’s account will be made no later than 15 (fifteen) working days as of the date the Buyer receives the ordered Product.
If a User fails to pay the amounts due to trendyfair.com, trendyfair.com may, at its sole initiative and after providing written notice to the User that it will do so (i) offset any outstanding amounts against any amounts it is supposed to repay to the User, and/or (ii) retain the Products purchased or sold by the User until full payment of the amounts due, and/or (iii) allocate in priority the amounts it receives for a new sale to any outstanding amounts; the User will then be liable for paying the extra amount in order to be able to purchase the new Product he/she wishes to purchase.

4 Checking the conformity of Products

If trendyfair.com finds during quality checks that a Product does not match or otherwise conform with the Product Information provided by the Seller (for example, regarding the condition of the Product), trendyfair.com shall (i) negotiate with the Seller in order to reduce the Price; or (ii) cancel the Order and refund the Buyer. In this case, the price reduction or the refund may take the form of a payment by trendyfair.com as a credit to the Buyer’s payment card or PayPal account (as applicable), at the Buyer’s choice.
In the event that the Order is cancelled and the Seller wants the Product to be returned to him/her, the Seller will be charged a fee to cover the transport taxes paid by trendyfair.com for the shipment of the Product back to trendyfair.com (if the case) and for the shipment of the Product back to the Seller.
In order to check our Counterfeit Policy please press here http://www.trendyfair.com/info/counterfeit-policy.

5 Return of Products

If an Order is cancelled and a Seller wants the Product of the cancelled Order to be returned to him/her, the Seller should inform trendyfair.com accordingly.  Seller will be charged a fee to cover the transport taxes paid by trendyfair.com for the shipment of the Product back to trendyfair.com and for the shipment of the Product back to the Seller and Seller will be required to refund to trendyfair.com any amounts he/she may have received in connection with the sale and the Shipping Costs relating to that Order, if applicable.  If a Seller does not make a request to trendyfair.com for the return of its Products within six (6) months of trendyfair.com’s receipt of them, trendyfair.com shall acquire title to any non-refundable or returned Products (as applicable) that are not claimed back.


If a Seller is an authorized trader according to its statutory law, then such Seller shall duly perform their legal obligations in respect to the sale of Products to Buyers that are consumers and in particular shall ensure that:
  1. -they do not make a misleading act or omission, which results in the Buyer purchasing a Product that they would not have otherwise purchased;
  2. -they provide Buyers with the cooling-off period (to exercise withdrawal right) and other Buyer remedies (as applicable) and any statutory remedies that Buyers may have under applicable laws and regulations (see General Terms for details); and
  3. -the Products they offer for sale on the Site according to their description provided by the Seller in the Product Information, are of satisfactory quality and fit for any purpose stated by the Seller in that description or for any purpose for which such Products are commonly used and, unless otherwise stated, are free from material defects in design, material and workmanship.
In any case, trendyfair.com shall not have any responsibility in the case where a Seller is an authorized trader and does not comply with its statutory obligations.