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Helmut Lang released his first catwalk show in 1983, after opening his first studio in Vienna in 1977, launching a pure urban style, trying to design perfectly T-shirts and jackets.

Slowly but surely, the brand continued to evolve. In 1995 he launched a collection of underwear and shoes, then, next year, the famous Helmut Lang jeans, in a futuristic combination of silver and black varnish, as well as Helmut Lang protective eyewear and accessories. In 2000, he started a collaboration with the famous Italian brand Prada. In the same year he released his first perfume.

His clothes are pretty, versatile, modern and in the same time he managed to create avant-garde designs, standing out among the most famous designers in minimalist fashion of the nineties. His collections reflect an androgynous style and also a futuristic perspective, using shiny colors as well as mate and the mixture between fabrics.

Helmut Lang was relaunched in 2007, with Michael and Nicole Colovos maintaining the brand's elegance. Helmut Lang now exists as a more affordable label than the luxury brand that was in the past.

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