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Giuseppe Zanotti is an Italian shoe designer. He started as a freelance designer in 1985 and in 1995 launched his own label named after his name.

In 2000, Zanotti opened his first boutique in Milan, presenting his first collection with shoes full of fantasy and splendor. He started to sell his shoes all over the world in 3 different lines: Giuseppe Zanotti Designs, Vicini, and Tapeet. Although Zanotti was very interested in the aesthetical side of his shoes, he was always careful with the materials, the type of stitches and accessories that s way all of his shoes are handmade entirely in Italy. His lines are beyond every imagination, valuing each pair of shoes. When considering Zanotti, one can talk about bejeweled slippers, pimped up trainers or bejeweled stilettos.

His artistic sense and the great desire to make a woman feel fabulous made him famous. He is not shoes, sandals or boots, he offers jewelry for feet.